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Communications & Social Media

Reaching Your Audiences Through Various Channels

A consistent and comprehensive communications program is essential for a property to share its critical messages. Given the range of interested audiences, the amount of competition within the industry, and the number of objectives for a given property, a clearly executed cycle ensures that priorities are communicated across multiple channels in a timely manner. Recommended communications channels include:

Newsletter Program

Email marketing continues to be an excellent and inexpensive vehicle to communicate with past guests, offering property updates, specials and promotions.
It is also an excellent repeat customer tool.

Key deliverables:

• Newsletter Topic Research & Brainstorming
• Copywriting
• Image selection
• Database management
• Create newsletter template
• Distribution
• Reporting

Blog Program

Blogs are more than just a great tool for sharing news and connecting with your guests. They provide fresh content, which helps to optimize a site’s ranking on search engines such as Google. Updating a site’s blog on a regular basis will increase its SEO and attract more views, in addition to providing current, relevant information to visitors of the site.

Key deliverables:

• Monitoring of local news authorities and businesses for current events and relevant information
• Blog topic planning
• Copywriting & editing
• Blog image selection
• Programming and posting of blog posts

Social Media Program

Social media has taken the online world by storm with real-time sharing. Maintaining a social presence is not just a fast and simple way to reach large and diverse audiences, but is essential to stay relevant and connected. There are many social media outlets out there, and our most used are Facebook and Instagram. We manage your profile for you—including staying on top of current events and competitors, scheduling in creative posts that represent your brand, managing your profile to ensure comments, messages and engagement is all taken care of, posting special offers, and more.

Facebook Program

The original social network is still on top, with 2.23 billion users worldwide. That’s an 11% increase over last year! The benefits of using Facebook include access to a large and diverse audience; the ability to create and share posts promoting your property’s key messages as well as photos and videos, and the additional marketing features that allow users to boost or promote specific posts to a niche or refined demographic.

Key deliverables:

• Facebook campaign management
• Editorial calendar creation
• Facebook posting
• Boosting posts
• Facebook monitoring and audience engagement
• Monitoring of relevant profiles and news sources for organic content to share
• Responding to direct messages

Instagram Program

With 800 million users, the number of people using Instagram has doubled since last year, demonstrating its importance as an online marketing tool. It’s the ideal platform for sharing attractive images and videos to showcase your property’s value, and can be a source of web traffic when posts include links back to your website or promotions.

Key deliverables:

• Instagram campaign management
• Editorial calendar creation
• Posting
• Monitoring and audience engagement
• Responding to direct messages