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Travel Agent Marketing

Developing Valuable New Relationships in an Important Market

Seasmoke PR’s Travel Agent marketing program is an innovative and powerful outreach initiative that we have developed to gain awareness among travel professionals of your product, land you valuable leads and increase direct bookings.

Our proactive program allows you to directly communicate your messages and services to travel agents in North America. If New York, Florida or California is a top producing market, we target travel agents in those states. You’ll receive valuable marketing exposure with agents via e-mail distributions to an industry-leading database with a familiarization (FAM) package or a discount on your products or services.

Professional staff follow-up directly with agencies, via phone, results in powerful new relationships and contacts for your sales team with the people that will actively promote your resort to their clientele on an on-going basis.

Why Travel Agents

The internet has changed forever how we communicate with one another and access information. One of the largest industries to revolutionize how their business model works is the travel industry. From websites to booking engines, how you select and book everything from accommodations to a rental car or restaurant reservation has been optimized for the easiest and most thorough use by would-be guests. However, it has created a reservoir of options so vast travelers increasingly need assistance to guide them through. And this has seen a reemergence of the importance of the travel agent.

Nowadays, it seems like no one would need a travel agent, as most research and booking can be done from home, by the travelers themselves. However, like most things in life, experts in any given field are invaluable.

Travel agents can guide you through all the different options to be had, know where to look first, already come to the table prepared and ready for action, and often already know the answers to the questions one may have. Travel agents play a critical role in providing the best, solid options available to travelers. From a resort property’s perspective, travel agents are even more indispensable. They are able to drive travelers to particular destinations, are keenly aware of a potential guest’s criteria for a holiday, and are crucial elements to the success of resorts in the Caribbean and the world over.

Seasmoke has a vast network of travel agents who work for various global travel agencies, and we always know who to talk to in terms of raising the awareness and profile of your resort. We recognize how important travel agents are, and we always have a mutually beneficial relationship when it comes to agents, clients, and potential guests.

Let’s Connect!

Simply put – we get your information in front of travel agents in a timely and inviting way. The time, coordination and expense of developing solid, compelling offers can fall flat if your audience can’t be reached.
We will:

  • Help Create Package Development
    • Dedicated staff strategize with you to create a special or discount on a product or package you want to offer.
  • Send Out an E-Mail Campaign
    • We develop a branded e-flyer with professional, eye-catching copy and graphics and blast it to our database of geographically relevant travel agencies to begin the conversation.
  • Follow-Up
    • We’ll follow up, live on the phone, and make contact with travel agents utilizing professionally prepared consistent messages to ensure our authentic dialogue is direct, informed and to the point.

Why We Are Different

Seasmoke takes care of every piece of the campaign. We have professional designers and writers, double opt in travel agent databases and an exceptionally affordable sales team to add that personal touch making direct calls to travel agents, developing new relationships for you.