Services & Programs

Website Security, Maintenance & Backups

Keeping your site secure and up-to-date

Website performance and security has always been an important part of Seasmoke PR’s hosting services. It’s an area that we continue to invest in by upgrading our skills, tools and platforms.

Here are some of the security measures we take against potential threats:

• Implementation of a robust cloud-based hosting solution, designed for performance and redundancy.
• Daily backups of website files & databases using the latest cloud-based technology.
• Implementation of content delivery networks with built-in security filtering (preventing many malicious bots from ever reaching your website).
• Implementation of SSL certificates to encrypt website traffic.
• Implementation of co-location database servers for greater redundancy.
• Use of security software on individual websites (including web application firewalls).
• Weekly security scans of websites.
• Monthly in-depth scans for malware or injection vulnerabilities.
• Monthly scans against all major website blacklists.
• Daily monitoring for security issues through Google’s Webmaster tools.
• Installation of WordPress updates within 24 hours of release (following testing).
• Weekly updates to WordPress plugins.
• Updates to PHP and MySQL within 30 days of release (following testing).
• Implementation of spam fighting tools, including Google Recaptcha, anti-spam plugins, and weekly scans of blog comments.
• Uptime monitoring, with real-time notifications to our support team.


Upgrading Your Site Proactively

The internet changes rapidly. In order to stay competitive and professional in online markets, it’s important to be proactive in terms of website maintenance by upgrading software as needed and ensuring that information being published is up-to-date.

This service focuses on regular website maintenance, including the addition of website pages, rate updates, policy changes, Vector logos, SSL certificates, creation of secure forms, and any other maintenance required.