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Reputation management

Let Your Reputation do the Talking

What could be more important than how your customers see you, talk about you, and think of you?
More than ever, individuals are using online searches to learn about your business and see what others are saying about it. If left alone, negative comments can populate those searches, damaging your reputation without you even knowing it. Reputation Management controls the online conversation about your business, ensuring that you’re always putting your best foot forward.

Online Reputation Management involves the process of monitoring, identifying, and maintaining your digital reputation and credibility across major online review platforms from blog posts and Facebook comments, to TripAdvisor, Expedia and Google+ reviews, and more. Negative comments and reviews do happen. But by identifying them when they surface, and responding quickly and professionally, you can ensure they don’t take center stage and frame you in a negative light for long.

By actively responding to negative feedback across social media channels, and building positive publicity through developing effective content such as press releases and articles, your positive image can be proactively crafted to represent you. Effectively managing your reputation elicits the benefits of trust and credibility, which leads to increased interest in your product, and ultimately sales.

Seasmoke PR Inc. offers veteran experience in actively monitoring comments and reviews of your property, and responding to questions or feedback in a timely, professional manner. This allows us to identify common complaints and effectively solve the problem, track positive reviews, and engage with potential guests. Ultimately, our focus is to develop a reputation for your business based on a genuine interest in customer service and your authenticity.

We invite you to take advantage of your growing online footprint for positive publicity, and let your reputation do the work for you.