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Digital Advertising

Consistent, Targeted ‘Book Direct’ Exposure

Online advertising provides consistent exposure in key markets throughout the year. While our focus remains dedicated to driving online sales through direct bookings, maintaining a consistent presence on OTA sites such as Expedia and TripAdvisor is a reliable means of capturing last-minute bookings during key need times such as in the off-season or mid-week.

Expedia TravelAds

Through experience, one of the most productive advertising platform in this case is Expedia TravelAds. It’s use is a proven strategy that positions ads in the top position on Expedia and results in direct measurable revenue. ROI of 10-1 or better is not uncommon. Expedia is the world’s largest travel company, encompassing 150 travel booking sites in 70+ countries, including, Travelocity, and Hotwire.

Google Ads

Google’s enormously successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system is another effective method of paid online advertising. Google Ads target specific markets, reaching and attracting consumers who want exactly what you have to offer. As the world’s most popular and widely used search engine, Google is considered the de facto leader in online advertising. Google handles more than 40,000 search queries every second, a total of more than 1.2 trillion web searches every single year. Why Google Ads: they are measurable and flexible, work immediate as SEO develops, more engaging, you can control your advertising budgets, and they help beat your competitors!

Google ‘Intent’

Google Ads has just launched a new feature where there is the ability to create custom intent audiences. This new feature now allows us to define and reach the ideal audience for your resort. Instead of the main focus being on a demographic, custom intent audiences can help us highly target people actively searching for what you offer.

In short, this will allow us to:

  • Target competitor URLS
  • Target top performing keywords
  • Have display ads (with photos, logo and descriptions)

Once someone visits a resort competing with your property, Google Ads then display your resort’s ads through the Google display network.