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Optimizing Your Website for Your Clientele and the Search Engines

There are a few main goals when it comes to any given website: providing all the information a visitor needs, and making sure that information is easy to find, informative, relevant and accurate – for your customers and the search engines. These goals are achieved through content development and Search Engine Optimization.


Search Engine Optimization helps a search engine understand what each page of your website is about so that when you perform a search online, your search results match your query. By optimizing your website, search engines can better find your website and list it in their results. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get your website showing up in the first few results, but really, all visibility is good!

In addition to optimizing the backend of your website with unique keywords, title tags, and more, your content plays an important role in your SEO rankings. Search engines are more likely to refer a website that is fresh, rather than list websites that are outdated. This is to ensure accuracy and authority on the given subject. By updating your website with fresh content, you avoid becoming “stale,” helping you with your rankings and visibility.


Content development isn’t all about SEO though—we still focus on quality and providing visitors with useful information that will add to your website in a meaningful way. Our content development process includes the following steps: review, revision, and expansion.

In our review we check the existing copy for important things like clarity and flow, as well as accuracy. After our review we generally consult with you to fill in any informational gaps we find. During revision and expansion we edit the current pages, expand with new information, and add keywords where possible. During every part of content development we think critically about what a potential visitor would want or need to know, and ensure that it’s easy to find.

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