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Website Enhancements: Keeping Your Site Current

Keeping Your Website Current

Online shoppers are impatient and, as websites continue to get bigger, it is important that load times are analyzed and optimized. An annual review of page aesthetics, layout and image selection is also necessary to attract and keep the attention of potential guests. A comprehensive review of images, page layout and website load performance help to ensure top quality across the board.

The website development team at Seasmoke PR Inc. will analyze these critical area of the website:

Mobile Experience
* Analyze aesthetics of website on mobile devices and optimize mobile experience, through template and theme enhancements, to be more intuitive and user friendly
* Consider these important factors: clear, focused content; simple menus and navigation; fluid layouts; designed for touch; minimized forms; limited images
Page Layout, Image Review & Optimization
* Review of website pages to enhance presentation though improved page layout, better use of photography, etc.
* form cleanup – reservation request

“Top Level” Pages
* Creation of enhanced top-level accommodations page
* Selection and formatting of unique photos and descriptions to accompany every page linked within a section.

Banner Refresh
* Creation of unique banner rotations for every major section of the website
* Strategic review/elimination of the large-format banner where appropriate (e.g. individual accommodation pages)

Photo Gallery Refresh
* Implementation of an enhanced photo gallery system, designed for a better mobile experience.
* Updates to photos in all existing galleries
* Addition of captions to images
* Creation of a new Yoga gallery

Performance Optimizations
* Evaluate content delivery network (CDN), browser caching and plugins; combine images into CSS sprites; enable HTTP keep-alive response headers and compression; use expires headers; minify JavaScript and CSS, review hosting