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Destination wedding planners and breaking into the bridal market

A key market in the travel industry is destination weddings. Seasmoke has developed a program that will create a wedding brand for your property and allow you to break into the romance market.

Why should weddings be an integral part of your resort marketing plan?

A Unique Demographic:
• Customers are willing to pay full-price and spend more time and money to make their stay the trip of a lifetime.
• These are “low maintenance” travelers who typically prefer to be left alone to enjoy their vacation.
• Couples often bring friends and family to vacation with them for a few days either before or after the wedding.

Repeat Business and Referrals:
• 40% of people undergoing “Life Stage Events,” like marriage, develop new brand loyalties.
• Couples enjoy returning to the place where they married or honeymooned to re-live these memories or celebrate anniversaries.

Year-round Market:
• Although there are peak marrying months, the romance travel market provides ample opportunity for business year-round.

Our program involves first developing a database of wedding planners in your area. From there, we craft a letter of introduction that outlines your product and amenities and use that as a tool to reach out to wedding planners. We follow-up on this letter with phone calls to determine which of the planners is interested in working with your property. Next, we determine what kind of volume they produce, which markets they are active in, what resources they possess, and what commission they typically receive. Then we establish the best candidates and invite them for further interviews with senior management to ensure they are the right fit and develop contracts between successful candidates and the resort.

Part of our wedding content expansion services also includes the development of a wedding brochure and content creation for the wedding section of your website, optimization of web copy with wedding keywords, assistance with creating wedding packages, and development digital advertising like Google ads.

Key Deliverables:
• Develop a letter of introduction from the property for wedding planners.
• Build a database of all wedding planners in the area where your property is located and send the introductory letter outlining your wedding product and amenities.
• Develop contracts between wedding planners and your property.
• Develop a wedding brochure.
• Optimize the SEO on the website for wedding keywords.
• Develop geo-targeted Google ads and other digital advertising.

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