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Welcome Package Brochure

A Visual Tool Filled with Helpful Information

A Welcome Package is a helpful marketing and sales tool. Designed and written by our skilled staff, this brochure can be used to provide more information on the resort to prospective buyers or be sent to guests who have already booked to assist them in planning their stay.

These brochures use a combination of expert photography and carefully crafted content to paint a picture of the property for guests. This is primarily a visual document and the format ensures that the brochure doesn’t overwhelm the guest, but provides the most helpful information in an easily accessible way.

Our Primary Goal

We aim to create a multi-purpose information tool that will inform the guests of services and amenities available at the resort, and guide people to where they can find more information should they require it.

Possible uses for the Welcome Package include:

  • Attach to emails when responding to inquiries from potential guests.
  • A brochure guests can forward to family/friends they are planning their trip with.
  • A planning tool that can be sent to guests after they make reservations.
  • A document that can be sent to travel agents and other industry contacts to be forwarded to their customers.
  • A brochure that can be made available for download on the resort website.
  • A document guests can continue to reference on mobile devices as they are traveling.

If you’d like to learn more about our Welcome Packages or other services we offer, contact us!

To view an example package brochure, click on any image below.