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Reservations Services

A Comprehensive Top-To-Bottom Solution 

Seasmoke PR Inc. offers top-to-bottom reservation services for all online and offline channels. As your professional reservations office, our team of veteran associates focus on excellent customer service where first impressions turn into profitable repeat guests.

Our comprehensive system blends our expert knowledge of the resort industry with your brand by communicating your strengths and key messages to incoming reservations. Acting as an extension of the resort, we look after all communication channels: the toll-free phone line, e-mail, social media queries, OTA messaging systems, and more.

In addition, Seasmoke PR Inc. is built upon a commitment to responsiveness where no guest query goes unanswered and left to find a competitor.

Let us do the laborious work involved in managing reservations so your team can focus on the most critical part of your business: the guest experience.

Communication Channels

A 1-800 phone line based in North America is dedicated to your business and ensures lines are never dropped. This traditional yet popular way to book travel plans enforces your brand through consistent, customer service-oriented conversation. As a tech-savvy internet marketing firm, we also manage online channels including: e-mail, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Expedia,, TripAdvisor, and more.

Reservations Management

Managing reservations deals with everything from setting inventory to accommodating modifications made to existing reservations. Inventory is set and updated immediately to reflect accurate availability at all times, avoiding over-booking or underestimating demand. All bookings made are confirmed with e-mails and opportunities to expand their trip, with subsequent changes or cancellations handled directly. With all information coming from the same source, a guest will always receive consistent messages and pricing with no opportunity for confusion.

Yield Management

Plainly put, yield management is all about supply and demand. With a knowledge of local holidays, events within your company and broader area, and what your competitors offer, we set rates to improve your overall revenue. Our team’s constant analysis of the market will ensure you are offering the best rate at the best time, across all of your booking channels.

Real Time Promotions

By orchestrating and managing your marketing and taking the corresponding reservations, our team sees how sales are performing real time.  There is no disconnect, wondering if a sale worked or what occupancy is. We can quickly recommend adjusting tactics while staying competitive with the competition.

Our Services

Reservations Office

  • Answering phone queries and reservations
  • Processing credit cards
  • Selling packages, tours, and additional services
  • Quoting travel plans
  • Proactive follow up on folios
  • Confirmation letter, welcome letter, and thank you letter
  • Database management
  • Customer profiles for reference (repeat guest, specific preferences, etc.)
  • Reinforcing resort policies such as cancellations

Revenue & Yield Management

  • Analyze Resort’s daily performance on the basis of occupancy percentage, average daily revenue (ADR), review forecasts, compare against historic projections, etc.
  • Develop yield management matrix
  • Calculate the rates and restrictions on sales in order to best maximize their return.
  • Review & Reporting.
  • Ultimately, deliver the right product to the right people at the right price, to the maximum financial benefit of the hotel.

Channel Management (, etc.)

  • Inventory, availability, and rates management
  • Pricing strategy (taking into account special offers, different room types or features, and seasonal rates and dates)
  • Rate parity management
  • Strategic inventory allocation
  • Reservation information management
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Maintaining listings (images, descriptions, etc.)
  • Creating last-minute reservations through specially discounted rates
  • Managing stop sales
  • Management of restrictions across distribution channels
  • OTA channel management reporting